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Welcome to Cape Gyro!

We are a Cape Town based facility that allows you to experience the wonderful world of flight in a gyrocopter with the mother city, Table Mountain and Robben Island as a backdrop.

Cape Gyro is located 40 minutes from Cape Town, we are close to the coast and on a low traffic airfield so time is spent flying and not waiting to take off.

All introductory flights will offer you the option to actually fly the aircraft and enjoy the view.

Pilots are South African rated Gyroplane instructors and the gyroplanes are NON TYPE-CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT which can accommodate one passenger at a time.

Proof of payment and a completed indemnity are requirements before boarding.

We would like you to enjoy your aerial introductory flight and take away some good memories. Bring your camera!

Bookings are essential and easy payment is facilitated.


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